At £120, it really is a fantastic investment.

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Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking - New Scientist 10th October 1992

The statistics about smoking really do tell the story of how harmful it is to you. Fortunately, soon after stopping you start to make the health gains that make stopping smoking so very worth while. In addition there are many other benefits to stopping, including more money in your pocket.

This 2 hour 'free from smoking' hypnotherapy session means that you can stop smoking quickly and easily, no matter how much of a smoker you a  The session includes

  • An explanation of how you may have been caught in the trap of smoking and why hypnotherapy is effective. 

  • You will learn how your powerful subconscious mind can try to influence you to have a cigarette even though you have decided to stop and how it does this by creating a conflict between the conscious and  subconscious minds.  This conflict may have prevented you from stopping before.

  • During the hypnosis we reprogram you subconscious mind, removing conflict, fear or desire to smoke and creating the first template of a non-smoker. 

After the session you should not need nicotine replacements, you are not likely to have any withdrawal symptoms and you will have all you need to stop and stay stopped.


Hypnosis is a more effective way of giving up smoking than nicotine replacement therapy  (Complementary Therapies in Medicine publication, February 2014, Randomised Control Trials).