Book your FREE initial consultation no.  You will learn how depression and anxiety can be created and what steps you can take to move forward and make positive change. 

Nearly half of all people diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.  Modern life is very challenging with many demands and for one reason or another we do not always allow ourselves the time and space we need to unwind and recharge.  Of course, we all feel a little down or sad from time to time.  It is when you experience this daily or nearly daily and you find everyday functioning difficult that you may have anxiety, depression or both.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will allow you to understand the causes, recognising negative thinking and shift your focus to the future you desire.


Book your FREE initial consultation.  You will learn about sleep and the mind.  You will receive a FREE hypnosis relaxation CD that people have found beneficial to listen to when it is time to go to sleep.  The therapy session will help you to process issues, reduce your worries and make positive change. 

Research, on an almost daily basis it seems, tells us that good sleep is so important for so many aspect of our functioning.  If we don't get enough sleep we are at higher risk of heart attack.  Lack of sleep can also leave us with low energy levels, reduces our productivity, clouds our thinking, makes us prone to mistakes and it can also be a factor in weight gain. 

A small amount of stress is good but when this becomes more constant it is not at all helpful and can lead to irritability, low energy levels, foggy thinking and difficulty concentrating, indecisiveness, headaches, eating more, drinking heavily and can lead to depression. 


Book your FREE initial consultation to find out more.  During this, and the therapy sessions you will find out much more about your body and brain and the many ways obesity affects them.  You will be helped to make positive change and gain more control. Solution focused hypnotherapy will help you to make many changes in your life.  These changes will reduce your stress levels and increase your will power.  You will then be very able to make the necessary changes to your eating habits that you want to.  You will also find that you confidence increases and your appetite reduces.  It is usual for people to notice change within 6 sessions.  It is a natural and safe way to manage weight and because it is not a quick fix diet the weight loss should be more sustainable over the long term. 

Reducing your stress levels and increasing your will power will mean you will be able to change any habit.


Book your FREE initial consultation to find out more.  Reducing your stress levels and increasing your will power will help you to break the vicious cycle associated with IBS and you will make the changes you need to reduce your symptoms to as low a level as is possible for you.


Book your FREE initial consultation to find out more.  If you have an ongoing condition, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can allow you to produce more of the neuro-chemicals that will make you experience pain differently, at a lower level of intensity.   Sometimes chronic pain can be almost a habit the body and brain have got into once the original problem has actually resolved.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you to break that and become pain free. 


There are so many conditions and problems that can be helped by Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.  If you have a condition that is exacerbated by stress or anxiety than this is definitely the case.  If you are unsure about your particular situation then please do contact me and I will be happy to have a chat and let you know if I can be of help AND the initial consultation is always free from any obligation to book additional fee paying sessions.